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The HUPMOBILE project focused on the concept of modern traffic management and sharing of the results with other cities in the Baltic Sea region.

Traffic light control solutions have been known in the world for more than 100 years, it is in recent decades that new, innovative solutions have been found. Most of them are related to new possibilities of collecting real-time traffic data according to users of different modes of transport and of employing these data to optimize traffic management. These solutions are often referred to as adaptability.

The report of the planning process of Turku’s new railway access to the passenger harbour outlines the different steps, partners and permissions needed to plan the new railway access to the harbour.

HUPMOBILE Final Seminar summarized the three years and the results that the project has focused on, providing a holistic approach to sustainable mobility solutions in port cities of the Baltic Sea Region. The webinar gathered interested attendees from many parts of the Baltic Sea Region and beyond.

The bridge in central Turku with the sign telling about the pilot

The results of a study carried out in the center of Turku in the early autumn shows that the Central Bridge, Tuomiokirkkosilta, is crossed by about 25,000 vehicles a day. One-fifth of the traffic on the bridge is traffic passing through the city center. About half of the vehicles that used the bridge were registered outside Turku.

Tallinn's minipilot - adaptive traffic lights management

The HUPMOBILE Minipilots Framework allows quick piloting of novel solutions in the urban space and acts as the enabler of experimental policy-making. 

Banner of the Nordic+ Pavilion at the ITS World Congress 2021

The ITS World Congress 2021, held in Hamburg, Germany, will be kicked-off  next week and the congress includes a nice surprise for the visitors - a joint Nordic+ Pavilion, where also our project will be introduced!

A superb Master's thesis has been written based on the research activities of the HUPMOBILE project. 

ITS Estonia people visit Latvia -a people posing for a group photo

As part of the HUPMOBILE project's activity of building a network of ITS experts in the Baltic Sea Region, ITS Estonia visited Latvia on 9-10 September 2021.

City of Turku has published their joint master and mobility plan for the port area. The master plan examines the area surrounding the new terminal as well as other traffic connections. 

Föli buses in the city centre with pedestrians and cars

The traffic study is one of the four minipilots tested during the HUPMOBILE project. It is ongoing until 7 September 2021.