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Mobility Management and The Lifestyle of Residents in Turku region

A survey report Mobility Management and The Lifestyle of Residents” is now out. We invite you to check this report to find out the lessons learnt from the Turku region and the implications to the future of the harbour area.

As part of the HUPMOBILE project, a survey in Turku region managed by Aalto University was carried out to study urban mobility lifestyles of the residents. The online Maptionnaire survey was participated by about 800 respondents, but in this report, the research team analysed the answers of a subsample of 474 respondents who provided answer to all the questions presented in the survey.

To identify groups of people with similar neighbourhood preferences and travel attitudes, the research team conducted a cluster analysis of data collected from the survey. Through this cluster analysis, four resident clusters with distinctive preferences and attitudes were identified, and these clusters are referred to in this report as persona: Pro-sustainable urbanites, Multimodal price-conscious residents, Time-conscious suburbanites, and Auto-oriented residents.

bike rider in the city of Turku

This report also presents the sociodemographic characteristics of these personas, their residence location preferences, their travel behaviour characteristics during different seasons, and what future mobility services would they prefer and use to travel to harbour area if service improvements are made. Furthermore, different groups’ perceived health and life satisfaction are also explored and presented in this report.

The results of this study can be used both in transportation and land use planning. The identified personas can be targeted as different market segments for different mobility management strategies or policies aiming at increasing sustainable and active travel behaviour. The results can be considered when investing to the improvements of certain travel modes or when deciding about the maintenance levels of routes during various seasons. The findings can also inform land use policy when estimating the best balance between supply and demand of various types of urban neighbourhoods.




Report produced by Samira Ramezani, Leila Soinio and Marketta Kyttä
Text by Marketta Kyttä and Xunran Tan, Aalto University
Cover image by City of Turku, Valentino Valkaj; Vector illustration: Good studio, anatolir
In text image by City of Turku; Vector illustration: Good studio, anatolir