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The webinar materials are now available!

Last week, two HUPMOBILE webinars were held by the City of Turku (Finland) in cooperation with the Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC) Sustainable Cities Commission. The first webinar focused on the topic of "Developing ports and their neighbourhood" and had five presentations with two Q&A Sessions. The presentations from both webinar days are now available.

Developing ports and their neighbourhood

The webinar gathered interested attendees from many parts of the Baltic Sea Region and beyond. Here is a word cloud of some of the locations where our attendees were joining the webinar from. 

The webinar was officially opened by Mr. Tero Haahtela from Aalto University together with Mr. Juha Jokela from the City of Turku. Mr. Magnus Hellström (Åbo Akademi) started the presentations with his enlighting presentation on different ports' related projects and how digitalization can enable sustainable mobility when terminals become more digitalized and smart. Mr. Juha Jokela then presented the plans for developing the port of Turku. Ms. Marketta Kyttä (Aalto University) presented the HUPMOBILE study conducted in January 2020 asking the residents in the Turku port area to disclose their mobility-related  behavioural data and what were the results of this study. Mr. Teemu Surakka (Aalto University) elaborated upon HUPMOBILE tools under development which easens the sustainability assessment of different transport modes. Mr. Ralf-Martin Soe (ITL Data Lab) and Mr. Liivar Luts (City of Tallinn) touched upon the minipiloting concept and the minipilots that have already been implemented. City of Tallinn's adaptive traffic lights' system and the pre-feasibility study connected to it were also elaborated upon. 

Watch the recording of the webinar 

Seamless Sustainable Mobility 

The webinar gathered interested attendees from many parts of the Baltic Sea Region and beyond. Here is a word cloud of some of the locations where our attendees were joining the webinar from. 

The second webinar day had a very tight schedule and it that caused minor changes in the webinar agenda. Instead of two Q&A sessions, we had just one in the end of the webinar. The webinar was opened by Mr. Tero Haahtela (Aalto University) and Ms. Mervi Lehto (City of Turku). Ms. Hanna Lak (Turku Science Park) then continued with green mobility chains in the archipelago. Mr. Topias Pihlava (City of TurkuO) then presented how City of Turku has adopted joint ticketing system combining regional public transport and cultural events. Also, contactless payments and how they work in practice were discussed. Then, Mr. Teemu Peltonen  and Mr. Juha Pulmuranta from the City of Turku presented how parking data can be used in innovative ways - including an impressive catalogue of ongoing and upcoming pilots in the matter. Ms. Karen van der Linde (Hamburger Hochbahn AG) then, together with Ms. Heike Bunte (City of Hamburg), continued with last mile solutions and microhubs testing in the district of Altona, Hamburg. Ms. Amita Singh (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) continued with the simulations. Finally, Mr. Jere Sipponen (City of Turku) together with Ms. Noora Salmela (Turku University of Applied Sciences) ended the webinar with their presentation on bicycle parking piloting in the City of Turku. A joint Q&A was then held at the very end of the webinar. 

Watch the recording of the webinar. 

Key learnings from the two webinars 

The attendees were asked to submit their key learnings from the day's webinar via Menti. These were the results that we collected from both of the webinar days. 

Feedback regarding the port development and mobility management topics: 

  • cooperation excellent, more experiences gained and shared in good Baltic Sea area cooperation, all counterparts can learn by sharing 
  • sustainable mobility is future of urban environment, we should think holistically to provide the resilient solution for future challenges, active mobility rocks ;) 
  • 4 types of people study 
  • personas in design 
  • interesting city experiments 
  • inspiring experiences 
  • effect of COVID
  • thank you. very interesting presentations 
  • interesting projects 
  • thank you all 
  • good results for other cities 

Feedback to the seamless sustainable mobility pilots and initiatives:

  • Parcel last mile logistics 
  • practical initiatives 
  • co-operation between Matkahuolto and archipelago tourism was interesting 
  • Thank you, everything was very interesting 
  • power of sharing best practices 
  • cargo bikes, archipelago routes and the simulation for sustainable traffic modes 
  • using simulation for urban mobility 
  • benefits of traffic simulations