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Sustainability of Transport System Self-assessment

The HUPMOBILE toolbox is intended to give a rough estimate of the potential impact of selected mobility solutions compared to the current situation in your city. This self-assessment part of the toolbox is built to help you pinpoint possible areas of improvement in your region or the possibilities to have the best impact in selected sustainability aspects.

The statements in this self-assessment tool have been developed with the help of city and traffic planners of the participating cities of our project. However, the data needed to complete the assessment is kept at a manageable level. This way, the different stakeholders in implementing sustainable mobility solutions can also use their educated estimations in this assessment for shortlisting sustainable mobility solutions for the discussion. We are not collecting any personal information, and the results are only temporarily stored for visualization and sharing (printing or mailing) purposes. For this reason, you need to complete the self-assessment every time you visit our site if you want to use this functionality. You can also use this  for guidance in the self-assessment process and connecting the results with other HUPMOBILE tools.



You can also freely browse our solution database based on your own preferences or suggest adding new mobility solutions to our database without completing this self-assessment. CONTINUE TO THE DATABASE