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Holistic Urban and Peri-Urban Mobility 

This work package has two main objectives: to develop urban and peri-urban mobility solutions including the corresponding business and operational models as well as to disseminate HUPMOBILE project outcomes and solutions and to find BSR cities to test and give feedback to the solutions developed during the project (HUPMOBILE Follower Cities). Three pilots with strong engagement from policymakers will be implemented - a set of policy guidelines will result from the analysis of all pilot scenarios. The focus of the pilots are on:

  1. Greener mixed-use transport through reorganization of rail  transport connections 
  2. Designing new operating models for public-private transport solutions using the concept of MaaS 
  3. Detailed analysis of how the stakeholder process can be improved and optimized. 

Reorganisation of Passenger Rail Transport 

The Turku Port area goes through a large-scale regeneration process. This activity will focus on investigating how to reorganize the passenger rail transport to the port area.

Planned activities: 

  • Collaboration between different stakeholders in Turku to develop different alternatives for vitalizing the urban area around the port
  • End-user survey on the ferry passengers who are using the train connection 
  • Providing a good practice case on organizing rail transport to port areas
  • Planning of the new route next to the goods transport track and finding an optimal location for a new ferry terminal 
  • Preparation for planning the integration of new railway station to the new ferry terminal including also a plan for land use
  • Preparation for obtaining the necessary permissions 
  • Communication activities of the new railway access 
  • A concept and a detailed plan for new railway access to the passenger harbour in Castle Town will be prepared as a result

Operating Models for Public-Private MaaS and Service Hubs 

The City of Hamburg will evaluate the existing mobility approaches and develop concepts for the challenges that have been left unaddressed (e.g. centrally located mobility hubs cannot solve accessibility issues in suburban and peri-urban areas, too much commuter traffic and logistics run through the city centre etc.), building on the results of the SUMBA project

Planned activities: 

  • MaaS Mobility Concept and Transferability Report 

Improving Stakeholder Processes 

The focus will be on guiding partner cities through stakeholders' involvement processes and assisting the cities in their work with stakeholders within the core activities of the HUPMOBILE project and beyond. Best practices of each partner city will be shared, assessed and peer-reviewed with the aim to improve stakeholder processes in each city by utilizing the full-cycle stakeholders' involvement process: 

  1. Identification of stakeholders
  2. Stakeholders' analysis
  3. Mapping of stakeholders
  4. Preparation of work with stakeholders 
  5. Stakeholders' engagement 
  6. Evaluation and improvement of stakeholder involvement processes. 

Planned activities: 

  • Contemporary stakeholder engagement tools and techniques will be identified and assessed
  • Each partner city prepares own stakeholder engagement plan
  • Transnational uptake workshop aiming to facilitate learning, exchange of  best practices and subsequent development of cities' stakeholder engagement plans

HUPMOBILE Framework and Policy Guidelines 

HUPMOBILE framework aims at contributing to a sustainable change of planning processes with respect to urban mobility. New ways of innovation processes that enable the implementation of novel managerial mobility concepts and enhance the citizens' access to work, public services, cultural and social experiences within their communities. The framework aims to combine the results from all work packages of the project as well as the experiences from the pilots. The policy guidelines will be based on the HUPMOBILE framework, aiming to provide the involved urban communities with the possibility to improve their capability to optimize and plan urban mobility solutions, revitalize areas, etc. by enabling access to appropriate methods and tools focusing on mobility solutions. 

Planned activities: 

  • HUPMOBILE Framework and Policy Guidelines will be prepared

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