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Multimodality in Urban Transport and Travel to Work Areas

The activities aim to support multimodal transportation, increase the utilization of existing infrastructure and thereby, reduce private car dependency especially in areas connected to ports. They will also provide tools for city and transportation planners to assess the suitability of different transportation modes to their needs, analyze the possibilities to enhance the accessibility of the port area, and combine these new modes efficiently with the existing transportation system.

Impact Assessment of New Multimodal Solutions 

Analyzing the new multimodal solutions from the perspective of different stakeholders how each new service fulfils and affects actor's mobility and what kinds of impacts the service has on several levels of sustainability. 

Activities under implementation: 

  • Holistic impact assessment of new multimodal solutions
  • Impact Assessment Toolbox for New Multimodal Services 

Benchmarking of Transport Solutions in Baltic Cities 

Different kinds of multimodal transportation solutions (e.g. MaaS) applied in the Baltic cities will be benchmarked and analysed - resulting in a summary of the common challenges and the description of approaches used for organizing multimodal transportation. The Benchmarking of Transport Solutions in Baltic Sea Cities publication is now out. We invite urban mobility planners and visitors of our website to check the best practices and solutions in sustainable urban and peri-urban mobility connected to port areas.

Implemented activities: 

  • Benchmarking rail transport solutions (in connection to ports) in leading Baltic cities
  • Comparing the different approaches in organizing Mobility-as-a-Service
  • Benchmarking the electrification of transportation in BSR region 
  • Benchmarking existing logistics solutions 
  • Analysis of the Development Status in each theme 

Optimizing the Operation of Multimodal Nodes 

A tool will be developed for decision makers that supports multimodal optimization of transport flows in a restricted area such as transportation hubs along railways or harbours. Simulation models from developed earlier in the HUPMOBILE project will be utilized. 

Planned activities: 

  • Multimodal Optimisation Tool for Transportation Flows


Teemu Surakka
Aalto University
teemu [.dot.] surakka [at] aalto [.dot.] fi

Heike Bunte
City of Hamburg
heike [.dot.] bunte [at] altona [.dot.] hamburg [.dot.] de