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Realizing the potential of ITS (Intelligent Transport System) solutions 

The focus of these activities is on how to utilize the available ITS solutions in the best possible ways. (add text here) 

ITS Network 

ITS BSR competence network among public and private sector parties through different local and international actions and events. 

Planned activities: 

  • International webinars and seminars 

  • International Conference 

Adaptive traffic lights 

How to increase the mobility flows using the electronic solutions and promoting the switch towards public and green transport. 

Planned activities:

  • Pre-feasibility study of adaptive traffic lights in one BSR city (Tallinn) with aggregated simulation applicable for all BSR cities
  • Road map based on the experiences of City of Tallinn will be produced for the BSR region

Experimental policy-making via mini-pilots

The cities of Turku, Riga, Hamburg and Tallinn will develop ITS mini-pilots with a real policy roadmap how and why to make it a real pilot or service. 

Planned activities:

  • Mini-pilot in Turku
  • Mini-pilot in Hamburg
  • Mini-pilot in Riga 
  • Mini-pilot in Tallinn 
  • Policy roadmap for all BSR cities on applying ITS solutions 



Ralf-Martin Soe, PhD
Development Manager
ITL Digital Lab
+ 372 52 39 520
ralf [at] itl [.dot.] ee