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Mobility Management and the Needs of Residents 

Understanding the overall situation in passenger traffic in and around ports by looking into everyday mobility of the residents living close to ports, traffic flows from passenger ports, and commuting to companies in port areas is the main aim of the work package. Looking into the real planning case areas of the city partners, the co-created and piloted solutions will be refined for the use of any BSR port city. 

Everyday Mobility in BSR Port Cities 

State-of-the-art solutions for travel demand management are known well. However, the emphasis is often on local residents and commuters only. A more holistic overview is needed including all user groups - local residents, local employees, inbound and outbound tourists as well as logistics and other commercial traffic. 

Planned activities: 

  • Mapping the practices, needs and flexibilities of different mobile user groups 
  • Surveys and expert interviews utilized for outlining the overall picture of user needs in the BSR port cities 
  • Two case studies will be conducted - in Turku and in Hamburg
  • Draft report will be prepared on the general themes identified during the initial assessments
  • Mobility Management Guidebook for Port Areas 

Co-creation with Residents 

The potential conflict points between the local residents and other user groups will be targeted with suitable mobility management action plans. The assessment of flexibility and core needs will be used as a baseline proposal for mobility management intervention. Even though the cases will be local, the intervention approach will keep in mind the BSR area as a whole and will concentrate on problems shared by several other cities. The co-creation process with the residents and its results will be summarized and their applicability in other BSR cities will be evaluated. The report will summarize the co-creation process, its results and evaluate their applicability in other BSR cities. 

Planned activities:

  • Ideation workshops with local residents in Turku and Hamburg 
  • Pilot users try out alternative mobility behaviour for a small period of time
  • Pilot experiences will be collected and evaluated
  • Report on Co-creation with Residents

Planning Sustainable Mobility for Port Areas

New ways to integrate the port areas to the surrounding city structures, develop the residential area around port areas and ways to promote sustainable mobility to and around the port areas will be explored.

Planned activities:

  • Joint Port Area Master and Mobility Plan v2.0 for Castle Town and Turku Port area

Mobility Management in Companies

A shift from private car-based commuting to the use of multimodal public transportation and other active modes of mobility among organizations and their employees will be supported by the use of new solutions and motivational incentives.

Planned activities:

  • Working Concepts and Incentives for Employers to Support the Use of Public Transport 

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Xunran Tan
Doctoral candidate
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