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Improving Production Logistics and Urban Logistics 

The focus of these activities is on developing and proposing a planning approach and tools focusing on the flow of goods in the urban areas. Inbound and outbound transport flows and their interaction and impact on other transportation flows will be analyzed. Based on these analyses and existing frameworks already developed in previous projects, this work package will develop a simulation-based multilevel optimization model that will allow stakeholders to model their own flows and requirements. This model may be used for both individual optimization or multi-stakeholder participatory approaches. This holistic approach aims to lead to more sustainable freight and passenger transportation planning in and around the urban areas. 

Production Logistics in and around Cities 

Scenario-based analysis considering coordination between multiple actors and logistics flows in selected city cases. Inbound and outbound flows of goods for all transport modes, including last-mile transport and handling activities will be analysed.

Planned activities: 

  • Mapping the interaction of different stakeholders and identifying how these interactions affect the efficiency (time, costs, energy consumption) and environmental aspects 
  • Literature review on existing information of transport flows in urban areas
  • Information to be collected from BSR cities 
  • Analysis of the flows and interaction of the two pilot sites in Turku and Hamburg 
  • Multilevel Optimization Model for Goods Transport in Urban Areas 

Traffic Flows in and around Ports

Ports in the Baltic Sea Region cities are important transport hubs and have an important role in achieving cities' ambitious goals for noise and emissions reductions and carbon neutrality. Traffic flows and logistics in and around the ports need to be better managed to reach these targets. New ways to improve and manage complex multi-stakeholder cooperation networks involved in the port operations and planning as well as improving port logistics will be explored. 

Planned activities:

  • Different models on how to engage and commit different actors in the process to find common aims and visions for the development will be investigated
  • Best practices from other BSR cities will be identified and shared
  • Needs to reorganize the mobility system and logistics in the wider Turku port area and possible solutions will be investigated
  • Joint Cooperation and Development Model for Turku Port Area Development 

Participatory Simulation Model Development for Sustainable Urban Mobility and Logistics 

Analysis and modelling of goods transportation in connection with passenger transportation will be conducted in this group of activities. New residential and mixed-use developments in urban and peri-urban areas will affect current transport systems and the influx of residents needs to be accompanied by new mobility solutions targeting all parts of the city - thus, a simulation model would be a helpful tool in planning mobility and logistics solutions. 

Planned activities:

  • Assessment of the potential of integrating last mile parcel and customer goods deliveries in urban transport hubs
  • Integrating the results of the assessment in local Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for one borough in Hamburg (Altona)
  • Multi-actor Based SUMP Scenario Model will be developed

Comparative Scenarios and Solutions for Urban and Production Logistics 

This group of activities will focus on further development of the Multi-actor Based SUMP Scenario Model by complementing it with comparative analysis of various urban mobility contexts. The comparisons are made in line with regional and local sustainable mobility strategies. 

Planned activities:

  • Prioritization of scenario building variables, values and settings
  • The implications of choices and combination logics will be explained
  • Scenarios will be compared with findings and outcomes of earlier studies in light of new information or contexts
  • SUMP Scenario Model and Library of Comparison will result of the activities listed above

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