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HUPMOBILE Uptake and Adoption 

Are you a representative of a port city located in the Baltic Sea Region and would like to test HUPMOBILE project solutions in your local context?

The HUPMOBILE project has created webinars to improve capacity in holistic mobility planning in the Baltic Sea Region port cities. 

Furthermore, feel free to explore the project reports and tools in the Project Outputs- section! 

The HUPMOBILE project has Follower Cities giving advice and feedback on the processes as well as the developed solutions and test them out in their own cities throughout the project lifetime. The project will be organising several Uptake Workshops where your City will be welcome to participate! 

Currently, we have five cities from the Baltic Sea Region as Follower Cities: 

  • City of Kotka (Finland)
  • City of Södertälje (Sweden)
  • City of Gdynia (Poland) 
  • City of Helsinki (Finland)
  • City of Tartu (Estonia)

What will a Follower City do? 

  • The follower cities will give input to the project process, by adding their view on the activities.
  • They will give feedback from their point of view, under which conditions they would be able to take up a certain measure/activity.
  • The follower cities will also give input to the policy recommendations as well as in the validation process of the different outcomes.

Benefits for a Follower City

  • A unique opportunity to exchange information and discuss how to improve urban mobility from different perspectives with several other cities dealing with similar problems.
  • Opportunity to learn about the tools and models developed in the project by participating in the uptake workshops resulting in reduced implementation efforts.

The first Uptake Workshop was organised as a webinar (18.12.2019) for all interested cities to learn more about the project and what it entails to be a HUPMOBILE Follower City!

Output: Feedback on Project Activities and Outcomes

  • The follower cities will give continuous feedback on the HUPMOBILE activities to ensure that different conditions of application are included in the final result.
  • The concrete way of giving feedback might vary from feedback reports, comment on draft documents, or testing certain measures.
  • The concrete feedback mechanism for each Work Package/thematic area will be defined during the project.



Contact Kristiina Paju (kristiina [.dot.] paju [at] turku [.dot.] fi) for further information on HUPMOBILE Follower Cities