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Webinar: UBC TALKS about intelligent transport solution piloting

09.06.2020 09:30 to 11:15 EEST


In cooperation with the Union of the Baltic Cities Sustainable Cities Commission and ITL Digital Lab, our project takes over the June edition of the UBC Talks webinars and initiates the discussion on the intelligent transport solutions piloting. The webinar to be held 9 June 2020, introduces HUPMOBILE project and ITS piloting to the UBC member cities from the all over BSR, and provides an inspiring key note from the city of Helsinki presenting the agile piloting in Jätkäsaari district:

"Helsinki's testbed for smart mobility – Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab enables piloting and experimentation of new mobility solutions in the real urban environment. The goal is to promote smooth, safe and sustainable urban mobility with innovative solutions.

One part of the mobility lab is Agile piloting programme – a model developed by Forum Virium Helsinki and scaled up to other cities in Finland and abroad,"

— Janne Rinne, Forum Virium Helsinki

The webinar constitues a part of Work Package 4 Realizing the potential of ITS solutions aimin at facilitation of ITS BSR competence network among public and private sector parties through the serises of local and international activities, including also seminars and an international conference. 



Moderator: Olena Zinchuk, UBC Sustainable Cities Commission

09.30–09.35   Welcome to the webinar

09.35–09.45   HUPMOBILE project and ITS piloting approach in brief,

                       Ralf-Martin Soe, ITL Digital Lab

09.45–10.15   Agile piloting in Jätkasaari Mobility Lab,

                       Janne Rinne, Forum Virium Helsinki

10.15–10.30   Q&A session

10.30–11.00   HUPMOBILE cities minipilots plans,

                       Tallinn; Hamburg; Turku; Riga

11.00–11.15   Discussion and closing words


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Recording and the materials are available from the webinar cover article.



UBC Talks webinar about intelligent transport solution piloting