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ITS Estonia's visit to Riga brought together more than 60 experts!

Estonian smart transport and mobility delegation – ITS Estonia – visited Latvia to share knowledge, future visions, and to exchange contacts in the event "Networking seminar with the focus on intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and smart mobility". The event received wide interest and brought together more than 60 experts! In the event in Riga, it was clear that two neighboring countries share the same challenges: how to achieve safer traffic, how to get people to give up their personal cars, how to use on demand-transport in the rural areas and finally – how to prepare for the future – like having self-driving vehicles in the real traffic.

 Entrepreneurs and public sector had a chance to introduce their projects and solutions and to network face-to-face. Next meeting-point for ITS community’s is ITS World Congress 2021 in Hamburg. The seminar was held as part of eMesai and HUPMOBILE projects, financed by European Regional Development Fund. 

Text and images: ITS Estonia 

ITS Estonia people visit Latvia -a people posing for a group photo